Deal Source Ambassador Program


What is a DealSource Ambassador?

A person who constantly looks for deals across multiple websites for all of US, UK and

Canada and updates the website accordingly. Ambassador's are also in charge of

'Sweeping' the site, aka removing all expired deals. This is done DAILY

When can I start?

Official start date is September 1st, 2016. DO NOT EMAIL ME PRIOR, OTHERWISE


What is the Salary?

You get paid by commission only. The more deals you add to the site each day, the

higher the pay is. Starting pay for new Ambassador's is 10% of all referral's and once you

pass the 90 day probation, you will get 20%. Before you become a full­time Ambassador

you must pass the 30 day trial. Starting ambassador's tend to make a few hundred within

their first month and long time Ambassadors make thousands. This job awards you the

longer you work for DealSource. If you are thinking about joining just to make a quick few

bucks, then its not for you and you will end up wasting your time.

What is the 30­ day Trial?

We will be looking at the following:

∙ Consistency of the findings. (How many deals you find each day)

∙ Quality of the deals. (How great or relevant the deals are)

∙ Variety (Different types of products from different sources, i.e. ebay, newegg,

amazon, etc...)

What sources should I refer from?

Right now, we are affiliated with the following sites and only accept deals from these:

∙ Amazon

∙ Ebay

∙ Newegg

∙ Newegg Flash

∙ Massdrop


These apply for US, UK, CA. There are plenty of sites that show off deals from these sites making

it easier to spot deals. A full list of our sources will be provided once you pass the 30­day trial.

Can I quit anytime I want?

Yes, this isnt contract based. We understand that sometimes it just doesnt work out or

other things get in the way. Just let us know 1 week prior to leaving so that we can find a

replacement. Your referral code will dropped on the day of, so that no earnings can

accumulate from past referrals.

Where do I start?

If you are interested in becoming a FULL TIME Ambassador, you can simply start

emailing a PDF of deals you find. Please only email once

a day MAX. We will not accept more than 1 email from the same person. (DO NOT


On the subject line of the email include the following:

First Name, Last name initial, Current date

Example: 'EdgarO 8/20'

Date Format must be (Month/Day)

►Please include deals for all of US, UK and Canada in the same PDF file and seperate

them into groups so its easier to find.

Note: We are looking for Ambassadors that are strong in the foreign deparment. Its easy

to find deals in the US, but more difficult for UK and Canada.

We are only hiring 3 ambassadors currently. It does not matter where you live. You must

be at least 16+

Questions? Email